Battir-Village-Terracesimagine you live in a beautiful village which has unique terraces and water canals dating back to the days of the roman empire (which once extended into your village).   your neighbors still farm on those terraces.  your village has been designated "area C", which means much of the farmland of your family has already been annexed by the state next to you which claims it deserves to use your land more than you deserve it.  

you are told that a huge wall is going to be built right through all the ancient terraces of your village.  in order to build the wall, many trucks and bulldozers will come through the village and destroy plants, trees and the precious terraces.
you are told this destruction of your village can be prevented if your village earns a designation as a UN World Heritage site.  you and your friends scrape some money together, get a camera, and make a youtube video about your village in hopes you will raise more international awareness about the fate your village faces.