Wilderness FieldIn Spring of 2013 Deb received grants from the Western Carolinians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East ( and a St. Louis-based war tax resisters group to produce artwork about the experiences of Palestinians who have been enduring illegal occupation of their homelands by Israeli Military Forces. She made en plein aire watercolor paintings of various subjects throughout the Bethlehem area of the West Bank. Her artwork from this trip was exhibited at the Palestine Center in Washington DC in a January 2015 show titled "Natural History of Palestine".

 In Winter of 2016 Deb returned to the West Bank to volunteer for two months at the Palestine Museum of Natural History.  She made various artworks for the museums' displays, including outdoor paintings of six birds native to Palestine and a four foot long sculpture of a scorpion native to Palestine.  

In April 2017 Deb again returned to the Palestine Museum of Natural History. This year she made a fifty foot long mural of birds, wildflowers, a fox and landscapes native to Palestine. 



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