All of the images of Deb Van Poolen's paintings are printed with archival quality inks. This means the colors of the prints will retain their original brilliance as long as an original watercolor painting. Rob Outlaw of Bozeman, Montana prints my giclee' prints on archival quality papers.   Rob personally packages each print to ensure their safe delivery.  See Rob's work here:

To order each print, first select the size of the print you would like, and then proceed to check out.  Note:  not all prints are available in all the same sizes.  The available sizes of each print are listed in the boxes below.  After you order your prints, you can expect to receive them in the mail within two to four weeks.

Print prices:
5 X 7:   $40
8 X 10:  $55
11 X 14:  $70
12 X 16:  $85
14 X 18:  $100
16 X 20:  $120


Special Edition Limited to 100 prints. 

auction bradley portrait  Patriotic-Leaker  LE3 collateral murder video  Auction two--Coombs questioning Professor Benkler

Product LE1

Auction Bradley Portrait
12" x 16" only


Product LE2

Bradley Manning and Leaking American Flag
12" X 18" only


Product LE3

Screening of Collateral Murder Video in Courtroom
12" X 16" only



Product LE4

Professor Benkler Testifying in US v. Manning
8" X 18" only
US $135.00

prn01-still life  prn02-aspen  prn03-balsalmroot  prn04-floral
Product Prn1
Still Life

Product Prn2


Product Prn3

Product Prn4

 meadow 1  bl 2789  red figure  abstract
Product Prn5

Product Prn6
Food Preparation

Product Prn7
Red Figure

Product Prn8


mallards rest



Product Prn9
Fly Fishermen

Product Prn10
Mallards Rest

Product Prn11


 blue figure  figure 3  feet one  
Product Prn13
Blue Figure

Product Prn14
Figure 3

Product Prn15

Giclee' Prints

balsalmrootGiclee' prints of Deb Van Poolen's artworks are available for order.

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Ladakh, India

leh cityLeh city

Ladakh is a beautiful, autonomous region in northern India in the Himalayan mountains. Deb traveled to various fascinating regions of Ladakh between 2004 and 2011. Enjoy viewing some of her writings and photographs of those journeys